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Auto Rickshaw Driver From Karnataka Earns Rs.6 Lakhs in 50 Days With MCAP


It all started when Sushanth Hiremath (52), a simple auto rickshaw driver in the small town of Dharwad in Karnataka was deep in conversation with an everyday customer during a daily commute. The customer, a young normal office-goer, gleefully informed him that he was soon buying a new luxury sedan car and would no longer need the daily rickshaw ride.

Curious as to how the customer managed to rake up cash for his extravagant purchase, Sushanthguardedly asked about his source of sudden income. That’s when he got his first peep into the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies.

Sushanth was a college dropout who took to driving the autorickshaw at an early age to support his family of five living back in his village. It was a tough life – he barely managed to earn Rs.15,000 every month while the family struggled to make ends meet. And across the country, the rickshaw drivers’ livelihood was under grave threat with taxi aggregators like OLA cabs eating into their earnings.

PM Narendra Modi’s demonization move threatened a further blow for Sushanth and his likes. Gadgets and technology had always fascinated Sushanth, and he started accepting mobile wallet payments through Paytm just to keep his livelihood going.

After the chance conversation on crypto currencies with his friendly customer, Sushanth spent several days pondering over the insights, and then in his spare time, he began to search the Internet for answers. The world of crypto currencies – of Bitcoins, Ethereum and Altcoins –  seemed like Alibaba’s cave for someone seeking an alternate income source but Sushanth wanted to tread with caution. The Indian value-system

The Indian value-system instills a deep inclination to accumulate assets that bring long-term financial security, so for him, it wasn’t just about making a quick buck. And cryptocurrencies offered the perfect investment opportunity that was secure, transparent, unregulated and promised phenomenal returns.

While there were several cryptocurrency names doing the rounds, Sushanth zeroed in on the MCAP token launched by BitcoinGrowthFund which recorded all transactions to the Ethereum network to ensure immutability and transparency. The MCAP token is a bouquet of some of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies (or Altcoins) that diversify the risk in the investment and amplifies profits.

BitcoinGrowthFund have developed an algorithm to calculate which AltCoin would be most profitable to mine at any given moment based on its difficulty level, trading volume and the profit it would generate.

With MCAP, not only would he profit by investing in the token, he could also further make good money through its Loyalty Program. That was all he needed to know to get started. Using his savings, Sushanth set up his account on www.bitcoingrowthfund.com and made his maiden investment of Rs.2.5 lakhs.

The autorickshaw driver’s instinct did not fail him. The price of most cryptocurrencies surged unexpectedly the very next few weeks and Sushanth’s tiny investment in MCAP became dearer. The volatile nature of cryptos caused frequent fluctuations in price, Sushanth began to sense that there was big money coming his way. Encouraged by his success, he borrowed some cash from his childhood friend Kapardhi and bought more MCAP tokens. He also managed to convince Kapardhi, another fellow autorickshaw

Encouraged by his success, he borrowed some cash from his childhood friend Kapardhi and bought more MCAP tokens. He also managed to convince Kapardhi, another fellow autorickshaw driver and his brother to make a small investment in MCAPs, making monies from the referrals as well.

He also used printed banner ads on his Auto to market the MCAP investment plans for maximum referral income.

In a matter of few weeks the MCAP tokens he had purchased for $3 had appreciated to $7.2 –  a whopping 240% hike in 6 weeks! Seizing the opportunity, Sushanth was quick to sell and pocketed a little over Rs.6 lakhs on his Rs.2.5 lakh investment. Unbelievable but true! His friends who had taken his advice and invested in MCAP were also enjoying profits. The realm of crypto currencies is for risk-takers – Sushanth dared to take that risk and was now reaping good returns.

Sushanthsoon became known as the ‘Bitcoin Guru’ in his circle of friends and other needy auto rickshaw drivers sought his advice before investing while he continued to earn referral rewards. So, when someone spoke to him of their financial troubles, he had a simple answer – “Just go to www.bitcoingrowthfund.com/mcap”!

His good fortune and sharp instinct had led Sushanth into a whole new world of crypto currencies and there was no looking back. All his financial problems had been resolved and he began to dream of building a private taxi service for securing his future.

And what was the first purchase he made from his new earnings? – a brand new Santro car!

How Can You Earn A Fortune With CryptoCurrency Like Sushant Did?

  1. Download mobile apps like ZebPay or UnoCoin
  2. Verify your account by uploading your KYC documents (Pan card & Bank account details)
  3. Once your account is verified, buy some Bitcoins.
  4. Once you have Bitcoins in your Zebpay/UnoCoin wallet, visit BitcoinGrowthFund and create an account.
  5. Now, using your Bitcoins, purchase MCAP tokens.
  6. Wait for a few weeks/months and sell your MCAPs for an appreciated price.
  7. Withdraw your Bitcoins that you get after selling MCAPs.




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