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In Conversation With Miners Working With GBMiners | Week 1 | GBMiners Success Stories


Hello Community,

Ever since I set up GBMiners, I have wanted to talk about the miners who have been constantly working towards making our mining farms with an enormous success. The relationship we share has benefitted both GBMiners and the various members of our mining team.

I have decided that from now on, GBMiners will cover the success story of five of our miners every week. For the next three months — from April to May — we will talk about how GBMiners has changed the lives of the miners.

1. Name/Author: Mukul Gupta

My name is Mukul Gupta and I work as a Senior Economic Analyst with ICRA. Earlier, I had worked as a Currency Strategist at various organizations such as the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE), IDEA global and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). I have always been very optimistic about Bitcoins and a few other cryptocurrencies. When I came to know about GBMiners and the mining contracts the company offered in India, I was both delighted and a bit sceptical. Delighted because it was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary technology called Bitcoin and earn good returns on it. Sceptical because there are a lot of Ponzi schemes in the market and I did not want to end up being duped and lose my hard-earned money. Nonetheless, I decided to delve deeper and attended an event organized by GBMiners in New Delhi where I got to know more about Bitcoin technology and GBMiners. I also met Mr. Amit Bhardwaj during the event and most of my doubts and scepticism about the company vanished after speaking to him.

I started Bitcoin mining with GBMiners in August 2016 (deeply regret that I did not start early) and I have since then been regularly investing my Bitcoins with GBMiners. I am happy to say that my experience in GBMiners has been very enriching both personally and financially. GBMiners has honoured all the commitments of the mining contract and has also been taking steps to improve the returns for its investors. My interactions with other cloud miners at GBMiners have also convinced me that GBMiners is committed to working for the financial well-being of its investors.

I am very bullish about Bitcoins and the future of Bitcoins in India. The government of India has already set up a committee to look in to providing a legal status to Bitcoin in India and I am confident that Bitcoin will soon be accorded a legal status in India. My optimism stems from the recent progress made in some of the advanced countries including Japan in providing legal sanctity to bitcoins. I am also optimistic about a few other crypto currencies including Ethereum, Ripple, XEM. I think they hold great promise in terms of their usage in solving some of the real-world problems and I feel that the time is ripe to go long in some of these alt-coins.

2. Name/Author: Rahul Tungatkar

My name is Rahul Tungatkar and I have been working with GBMiners since July ’16. Prior to getting involved with GBMiners, I completed my MBA and had been working as a Chartered Accountant. I strongly believe that Bitcoin would be as popular as Paytm in the coming future. It is the most refined way of making digital payments and can also become the main currency for online shopping and savings. I believe that other cryptocurrencies can see considerable growth with their popularity but they will never be able to reach the success and level of Bitcoin.

3. Name/Author: Mayank Jain

My name is Mayank Jain and I have been associated with GBMiners for the past five months. Before taking up mining, I had been heading the sales division at the Audi dealership at Okhla, New Delhi. I have a strong feeling that in the coming years, cryptocurrencies will see a boom, which could be compared to the one witnessed by computers in India a few years ago. Talking about other cryptocurrencies, I personally believe that the cryptocurrency mined by GBMiners would start growing. I am strongly looking forward to hearing about the new token launch as I feel that it could act as a great investment opportunity of people who are just getting started with investments in cryptocurrencies.

4. Name/Author: Sukhbir Singh Suri

My name is Sukhbir Singh Suri and I’ve been working with GBMiners for four months. Before being associated with GBMiners, I was running a t-shirt business with the name ‘Joketees’ based out of Mumbai. I believe that Bitcoin has just started witnessing remarkable growth in India and has a long way to go. According to me, the ones who have missed the Bitcoin jump the last year have a chance to invest in other Altcoins now and earn like the people who had invested in Bitcoin last year. As vendors all over the world are starting to accept payments made in Bitcoin, now is probably the best time to start investing in them.

5. Name/Author: Dr. Sandeep. D. Borse

Hey, guys. My name is Dr. Sandeep D Borse and I am relatively new to the whole mining process. I started mining in December last year. My first contract with GBMiners was of 3 Bitcoins, immediately followed by another contract of 6 Bitcoins. These two contracts were followed by multiple top-ups in each pay-out, totalling to an impressive 13.5 Bitcoins till date. The future certainly seems bright for Bitcoin and if the government of India makes Bitcoin legal, it would only add to the achievements of Bitcoin and would attract more customers from the Indian subcontinent. Since I’m still an amateur, I haven’t had much time to read about other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. But I’m sure that they too might gain a lot of support and popularity, as the advent of cryptocurrencies has been taken well by the general public and people are finally starting to accept them.


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