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Introducing Fixed Deposits on Bitcoins in CoinBank and Future Plans


I am super excited to announce a new feature at CoinBank. Now you can grow your Bitcoins by doing Fixed Deposits (FDs) in your CoinBank wallet.

I request the CoinBank community (on Android and iOS) to test our new FD feature with any small amount. We have two plans of 3 months and 6 months Fixed Deposits. On 3 months we are offering 1% rate of interest and on a 6-month deposit, we are offering 1.25%. This is the highest rate of interest offered on bitcoin globally by anybody.

How I see CoinBank in future:

Our Vision at CoinBank is to bring Bitcoins and Other Virtual Currencies in our everyday life.

With Bitcoin becoming the most appreciating asset of the last couple of years, more and more people are looking to save their money in Bitcoins. And now with CoinBank, you can get interests on your Bitcoins. That makes Bitcoin the idealist choice of storing money.

I envision a future, where we all earn our money in Bitcoins. Most of the places where we need to spend money will start accepting Bitcoins in next 10 years. The ratio of money that we will keep in Fiat currencies vs Cryptocurrencies will keep making a shift on the right side.

As a part of our Roadmap of becoming an alternate currency ecosystem in the world, we are working on more features which I will keep unveiling every month as and when we will launch them:

a) We are working to launch CoinBank debit card, using this debit card you will be able to pay at any place that accepts Card. We have written a beautiful piece of code to make this happen

b) You will be able to buy more currencies like Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin etc from Bitcoins.

c) We are integrating with partners so that you will be able to book a cab, flight, hotel or order food or recharge your phone with Bitcoins.

I would be more than happy to listen to any feedback and suggestions on how can we improve CoinBank. Building a parallel ecosystem with virtual currencies is something very close to my heart.


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